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"Southern Independent Medical Practice have provided us with a seamless Occupational Health Service as part of our ongoing recruitment process" Russell Whitlock, Amicus ITS'

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At Southern Independent Medical Practice, our philosophy is simple.

We actively promote preventative healthcare with our corporate clients. 

Employers large and small are always striving for a healthy and profitable business. Should we not also be promoting good health to our employees who are vital to make our businesses successful? 

Although some businesses may have in place Personal and Private Medical Insurance for Directors and key employees, few companies outside London offer to their staff day to day healthcare facilities near their place of work. It is also unlikely that health screening or a vaccination service for travel and flu for example would be offered yet alone available. Southern Independent Medical Practice is able to offer flexible appointments that suit the needs of the business and the individual employee, so that disruption to the work pattern and productivity is minimalised.

Long term sickness and 'fit for work' issues can be subjective. At Southern Independent Medical Practice we offer pre- employment health assessments and sickness reviews for employees with a poor sickness record or prolonged illness.

Many employees now live some distance from where they work and therefore have to take timeout of work to visit their own doctor. Because of time constraints, it is often difficult for NHS GPs to provide a convenient and appropriate length of appointment. At Southern Independent Medical Practice we are able to give convenient unhurried appointments to fit in with work individual commitments and thus being least disruptive to the company business.

Health screening is important as a preventative measure against a potential illness. Many employees do not consult their own doctor when they should be doing so. Annual Health screening would allow your staff to be confident with their health and the confidence to know that when a condition is detected early it is easier and less stressful to deal with.

Private Medical Insurance providers are increasingly recognising the benefits of health screening and will often take such screening into account when negotiating new contracts with companies. We offer annual Healthchecks as part of our corporate package.

For companies that have staff who travel abroad we offer a full and comprehensive vaccination service alongside our travel advice service.

Company wide Annual flu vaccination programmes carried out at client premises allows this important preventative vaccination to be administered with the least disruption to working patterns and productivity.

Southern Independent Medical Practice

We actively promote preventative healthcare with our corporate clients

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“I have no hesitation in recommending Southern Independent Medical Practice to other local businesses.They offer a cost effective, yet total solution for Amicus ITS’ needs” Russell Whitlock, Amicus ITS'


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